The purpose of this page is to provide product details about the ERIS concept and information around the key factors and scenarios of how the ERIS can be used.

Initially, we should explain the ERIS application types to ease your understanding. The ERIS comes in two methods 1) Mobile and 2) Stationary. Each method can be used in both permanent and temporary applications for both proactive and reactive scenarios. They can be used in both remote and urban areas. No road is required and warranty is included.

The ERIS is designed to add a new and better concept to preventing and managing wildfires with increased environmental protection factors, safety, timed protection, and suppression, support, and containment for wildfires. (Examples are private, corporate, municipals and also infrastructures for Oil & Gas, Pipeline and Power transmission lines, Golf courses, RV, Campsite, Parks, wineries, etc.)

Currently, our largest of over 40 models have propelled water 112-meters (370′) and has achieved over 700-meters (2300′) coverage radius. With the ability to increase humidity, and drastically drop ambient temperatures quickly. We have 192 sizes to choose from that will best suit your coverage size needs.

Key Essential Factors

  • The ERIS can be modified to cover any desired surface area, anywhere.
  • Multi-purpose usage for ambient cool down, and pre-wetting for lightning and fire prevention.
  • Protects municipal and industrial infrastructures, homes, resorts, and powerlines in remote and urban areas.
  • Defend as many as 80 homes or one for yourself with a single model.
  • Ability to monitor, measure and control the total amount of resources used and timed when needed most.
  • Create micro-climates and mimics Nature‚Äôs rain to protect from a wildfire.
  • Reduces heat and atmospheric temperature, raising the humidity, depriving fuel from the fire keeping it farther away than all competitors, safely.
  • Ultimately you can measure the resources required and with timed effectiveness.
  • Our technologies can operate 24 hours safely around the clock in all weather and fire conditions day or night, keeping an upper hand on defensive protection providing valued support.
  • Wildfire Innovations Inc. can provide coordinated assistance for ground and helicopter methods when needed with personnel and equipment that we use for our setup and operation.
  • Supplement and protect ground crews establishing much more effective defense lines.
  • Provides the largest effective wet barrier on the planet with additional barriers and place of refuge for as long as required.
  • We can also assist helicopters by cutting down their travel time, complementing effectiveness.
  • Strengthen wildfire management techniques.
  • Provide and prepare defense systems prior to a fire hazard.