About Us

 Easy Protection From Wildfires Threats! 

Save you and your assets!   

Hello, welcome to Wildfire Innovations Inc., a company with a suite of patent-pending technologies focused on minimizing global wildfire devastation.

Each year wildfires cause 340,000 deaths, burn 865 Million acres globally and are predicted to increase by as much as 300% by the year 2050.

In North America, which is just 5% of the global problem, there are over 80,000 wildfires burning annually costing more than $150B in total expenditures.

Over $4B USD is spent on suppression alone.

Our goal is to decrease human, municipal and remote industrial infrastructure loss.

The ERIS is a one of a kind protection solution that safely tackles massive crown fires.

We’ve created an economical targeted precision solution that is superior to all current technologies.

We’ve developed a scalable time controlled system that increases relative humidity, and reduces temperature and oxygen levels.

The ERIS Solution can operate in all violent wildfire conditions, and use smaller water bodies inaccessible by traditional aerial platforms.

At a minimum, the ERIS  provides 27% more coverage than the biggest open field ground sprinkler system and 16 times more coverage than the largest Air Tanker drop.

If you would like more information about adding the ERIS Solution to your wildfire suppression, defence and prescribed burning plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.