Wildfire Innovations Inc. “Here to provide safety, protection, courage, and strength for people with a new resourceful way to help address wildfire threats safely.”

No one else can provide timed, resourceful wildfire protection above a tree canopy beyond a 500-meter coverage radius? In some instances, we can protect as many as 80 homes with only one model.
Our technology can stand up to the largest of crown fires, safely, and we will stand up for our customers for as long as they have our product.

Wildfire Innovations Inc. is helping to reshape the way the world can prevent, protect against, stop and complete threats from Wildfires. By utilizing our suite of Patent-Pending first-mover technologies, wildfire suppression can now be applied 24 hours a day and resourcefully. It can be temporary or permanent and moveable with targeted precision, which is controlled and applied innovatively to ensure that the best efficient coverage is delivered and can be automated.

What we do

We Save Lives and Infrastructures!

Each year wildfires cause 340,000 deaths and burn 865 million acres globally.

In North America alone, the average annual cost is over $150 billion USD in total
expenditures and comprises only 5% of the global problem.

Our patent-pending, 24-hour large-scale wildfire suppression and protection
technologies are designed for municipal and industrial infrastructure.

At a minimum, we currently provide 30% more coverage than the largest ground sprinkler operating in an open field and 16 times more coverage than the largest air tanker drop,

Product Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXqXOw_tIZApfoMB9guqIfA/videos?view_as=subscriber

About Us

Company Summary

Wildfire Innovations Inc is a company founded in BC., Canada by Don Hallett. He was evacuated from wildfires not once, twice in his life and after recognizing minimal improvement, he decided that addressing wildfires became his personal concern. With wildfires expected to increase as much as 300% by the year 2050, he decided to help out by bringing his innovative strength to this world and to minimize it being burned into other people’s minds.

We are pleased to personally introduce and welcome you to our world. We are an innovative company with a suite of patent-pending scalable technologies focused on minimizing the annual wildfire devastation that is taking place globally.

Wildfire Innovations Inc. creates designs, installs and licenses 24-hour fire loss protection solutions, that will stand up to and defend against any size of ravaging crown fire, safely and resourcefully.

In the fall of 2018, Wildfire innovations Inc. began captivating the attention of well-seasoned Senior Wildfire Personnel and have acquired the interest of over 400-years wildfire advisory knowledge.

Our methods are a new innovative approach, a first-mover, one of a kind technology with data proving to be more effective than historical and current methods. We are helping to complement and add to the way the world can address wildfire. Traditional models of protection and suppression have not evolved much in 60 years and are costly.

Wildfire Innovations can provide reliable, 24-hour timed, targeted suppression systems that cover a larger area at a lower cost, completing the overall objective.


We propel water 2.5 times farther in linear distance than you see in the image above.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our products, a custom quote or would like to view our technology demonstration video,  we would be pleased to set up a convenient time to discuss further.

Please feel free to send us an email to info@wildfireinov.com

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With integrity,

D. Hallett РFounder/CTO

Wildfire innovations Inc.